Changing your name in the UK

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Do I need a Gender Recognition Certificate to change my name and/or title?

No, you do not need a GRC to change your name and/or title to ones that better suit your gender identity. In fact you would struggle to get a GRC without having already changed your …

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Human Rights Act 1998

Human Rights Act 1998





Article 2 - Right to Life

  1. Everyone's right to life shall be protected by law. No one shall be deprived of his life intentionally save in the execution of a sentence of a court following his …
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The Patient's Charter and You - a Charter for England


The Patient's Charter puts the Citizen's Charter into practice in the NHS. It is helping the NHS to

  • listen to and act on people's views and needs;
  • set clear standards of service;
  • provide services which meet those standards.

This document

  • sets out your rights and the standards of service …
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Changing your Name

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A statutory declaration can be drawn up by yourself, or by a solicitor, on your behalf. All statutory declarations must then be signed by the you in your new name and witnessed, either by a solicitor (other than the one who prepared the statutory declaration) or a Justice of the …

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