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Here is my latest book "Hair - an owner's manual" comprising 252 pages with a table of contents, a glossary, a bibliography, and 3 indexes.

It has chapters on -

Hair loss,
  • The various forms of alopecia.
Removing Hair, with sections on
  • Various methods of temporary removal - including shaving, tweezing, waxing, laser and various other methods,
  • Unproven methods, and
  • Permanent methods, meaning electrolysis.
  • NHS hair removal,
  • Removal by site, and
  • Common hair/scalp disorders.
Keeping your hair,
  • Hair restorers,
  • Basic hair care,
  • Possible new treatments,
  • Hair transplants.

And it weighs in at 1.7 mb.

You can download it at Hair - An Owner's Manual - 2017.pdf.


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