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Things might be seen to be very quiet here with not many new posts, and the reason why is that I'm researching and writing "Herbal Hormones 2015". My self-imposed deadline is the end of August for all the researching and writing, and then a couple of weeks for indexing, tidying up, and getting cross-references to be working correctly. Just generalised tidying up really! And then, publication!

And then? I think that I'll be revising and updating "Universal Hormones", and that's the current plan.


Having spent several weeks converting this blog to a different format and moving away from "wordpress" which now has an automatic default of updating itself, I wanted something that was far easier to maintain, and takes pressure off the server.

So now I just write my post, convert it to html with a single command and then just place it on the server. Far easier, far more stable, and once you’ve got used to the format, far easier to read.


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