Today I'm proud to announce the publication of "Hormones 2016" (gold cover edition) containing 780 pages of goodies, with one new hormone 'Triptorelin', and a major chapter called "README FIRST", which summarises all the drugs and gives their common side-effects, and links to their main entries. There is also a new chapter with 4 deprecated hormones, and the reason why they should now not be used.

It also includes these new sections -

Accessing your health records
Blood tests and their results
Breast Screening
Deprecated Drugs
Expiry dates
Free prescriptions
Getting a urine sample
Getting older
Grapefruit Juice
Other infections that can be caused by an STI
Pelvic examination
Renewed Confidence in HRT
Sexually transmitted infections - STI’s
Sitting down?
Skin care
Stress management
Stretch marks
Treatment aims
Urine tests and their results

This replaces "Universal Hormones 2015" which is now removed.

Download - Hormones 2016 - version 1.5


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